We are two womxn who were tired of being the token




(also known as RayRay) is a Spiritual Activist, healer, writer, speaker and racial justice advocate. Combining her wealth of experience as a lawyer, intercultural communications educator + trainer, loss + grief professional and her personal experiences navigating the world as a Black woman, she curates difficult but necessary conversations with truth and compassion. Rachel is passionate about creating and holding space for us to face our feelings and get comfortable with our discomfort - be it about race, gender, death, burnout, stress, loss or grief. She helps folks to voice their struggles, step into their power and better show up for themselves and the collective. Rachel loves donuts, dancing and all things metaphysical.



is a creative who moonlights as a yoga therapist and a meditation teacher. She is passionate about mental health and elevating others. After decades of proudly calling herself "whitewashed" without understanding truly what that meant, she is now on a mission to help others rediscover themselves and feel less alone. When she isn't at photoshoots, designing brands, or trying to make meditation cool with "In Bed With Betty", she can be found napping and watering plants. 



– Ongoing Learning
– Integrity
– Understanding
– Sisterhood
– Connection


The Future

We see a future where womxn of colour are empowered and emboldened to make their voices heard, share their unique gifts with the world and feel valued in and worthy of doing so

If this is a future you want to see, please get in touch. WOC Talks is a labour of love and it takes a village. Won't you join ours?